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Welding and joining technology

Craftsmanship and innovative solutions

Joining complex welded constructions with as little distortion as possible or joining filigree sheet metal components permanently with a precise fit and small seam thickness are the strengths of our experienced, well-trained welding professionals.

In addition to the TIG and MIG processes, we also use orbital welding for the highest requirements in power plant technology and aviation.


Wir verarbeiten folgende Materialien:

  • Unlegierter Stahl
  • Edelstahl
  • Aluminium
  • Buntmetalle

Je nach Bedarf Ihrer Anforderung bieten wir Lösungen mit folgenden Verfahren an:

  • MIG / MAG
  • WIG
  • Orbitalschweissen
  • Widerstandsschweissen
  • Widerstandbuckelschweissen
  • Löten
  • Nieten
  • Kleben


Our internal welding supervision ensures that the required quality is achieved. For the critical requirements in the railroad, power plant, food, medical and defense sectors, we have both welding specialists and a welding engineer at our disposal.

We also demonstrate a wide range of welding process approvals to meet customer-specific requirements.

Thanks to the synchronized indoor cranes, we are able to manufacture and load large complete systems of up to 30 tons on our premises.