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Mechanics and component manufacturing

Complex geometries and tight tolerances: cutting manufacturing for complex parts

Our dedicated machining professionals look forward to your complex individual and series parts! Benefit from our wide range of machinery with conventional machining options and modern CNC machining centers. Programming is done directly on the machine control or via the Mastercam software. This allows the simulation of the production of these components including the use of different tools, tool holders and clamping devices.

We ensure economical production with the highest precision. In the machining department we train polymechanic apprentices in all 4 apprenticeship years. The apprentice workshop develops our young professionals into technical specialists and supports our engineering and order processing with trials in development and prototype construction.

It is our aim to work with you to find the most cost-effective manufacturing methods and materials to meet your requirements in terms of both cost, quality and delivery time. Our experience covers the processing of a wide range of materials including high alloy special steels, non-ferrous metals and aluminium alloys.